Vacuum Tube

Vacuum Tube

Nested in the form of two glass tubes.
The outer surface of the inner tube of the sun rays, a high proportion of selective absorbing coating is covered with.
External tube rays entering through selective surface 93 %absorbed but 7 %out of the hotel. The space between the two glass tubes, selective accumulated on the surface of the heat energy, heat escape out of the proposal.
(We use thermos, as in This way, heat loss is reduced to a minimum. In this situation the efficiency of the system during the winter months much of waste. Moreover, the vacuum tubes of round, the sun's rays during the day, always upright as this provides Tubular Solar System contributes to the efficiency.
Standard and as long as there are two distinct types. Vacuum tubes 25mm diameter of the full-resistant. The tubes,

Property Detail
Length 1500 mm-1800mm
External tube diameter 47/58 mm
Internal tube diameter 37/47mm
Glass thickness is 1.6/2.0 mm
Thermal expansion 3.3x10-6 oC
Material Borisilikat glass Borisilikat cam 3.3
Surface Coating AL-N\AL sellektif
Representation of Light Apsorp %90 Ortalama 40 kcal/h
Reflection of %7 (100 oC )
Vacuum P<0.005 Pa
Empty tube temperature >200oC
Heat Loss Coefficient <0.8W/ ( m2 0 c )
Tube life <15 year
Warranty period 3 year

Each vacuum tube, the glass tube consists of two nested.
These tubes are made of fairly strong and transparent glass.
These outer glass tube 25 mm. in diameter hail is able to withstand even strength.
The inner tube is coated with a special selective coating. This selective surface, thanks to the tube from the sun's rays and 93% perfectly absorbed and converted to heat, and also the reflection of sunlight to a minimum (7%) decreased.
the inner surface of the intertwined these two tubes between the air vacuum.b percent of the water-bearing inner tube by conduction and convection heat loss is reduced to a minimum level.


During installation of vacuum tubes are to be considered;

1 - During installation Be careful not to blow the bottom of the tube . The vacuum tube is the most sensitive part is the lower end point .
2- Be careful when mounting the vacuum tubes . Vacuum tubes of the shock , as a result of bending and lowering the break.
3 - Tubes until the assembly sequence box receptacle.
4 - Hot water tank at right angles to the direction of the tube should be in a position to do . If you experience difficulty during the installation of tube hot water tank, allowing it to be perpendicular to the tube axis by turning your .
5 - First black colored powder 10 cm from the open mouth of the tube seals . contains up to now the main tank assembly into position , then do .
6 - A little dishwashing detergent in the new design 1 to 1 ratio mixture of water and mix preparing.b open to the exterior of the tube 10 cm from the mouth . Apply up down all around . This process not to be passed easily to the tube as silicone gasket seal provides additional contribution .
7 - Mounting soon as it completes the system must be filled with water . If more than 10 minutes of vacuum tubes exposed to strong sunlight should be put into the cold water , because there is cracking of the tube . The empty tube core as a result of contact with sunlight and if the cold water is heated by entering shock cracking may occur if placed . The system is filled with water in the morning or evening is the best time of the interiors of the tubes are the times when it was cold . Another option is the installation of the tube ends not with a shroud to cover them , is to prevent light vision .
8 - after completion of the installation of the system must be checked for leaks . If there is any leakage in the system's mounting tubes or glass cleaner to clean with soap and a soft cloth .